Pop up technique

Learn the exact place to position yourself on your own board. The Rock Solid gives you immediate feedback so that you learn to pop up perfectly every time. There’s no need for waves. Your free to practice when you want,

Fitness sessions

The Rock Solid allows you to increase both your surfing strength and fitness. Whether it’s increasing your paddling power, or getting to your feet in super quick time, the Rock Solid’s Balance Domes and Paddle Booster allows you to gain

Advance techniques

The Rock Solid increases in difficulty as you progress, allowing you to really hone your technique. Either set up the Rock Solid to practice your barrel riding technique or just improve your balance when getting to your feet quickly.  Learn

Soft silicon balance domes

The Rock Solid Balance Domes provide the perfect home platform for your surfboard by replicating the movement of your board on water. Meanwhile, the soft not slip silicon completely protects your board by being super shock absorbent, and ensuring your board doesn't slip off.

We all know that it can be hard to get enough waves to improve as quickly as you'd like, but the Rock Solid Balance Domes enable you to develop the muscle memory you need whist you are out of the water. By also using your own board you'll know the exact position to be in every time.

Paddle booster for surf fitness

The detachable Paddle Boosters enable you to get your fitness up between surf sessions. The coiled paddles enable you to replicate paddling through the water, so that when you do hit the waves, you'll be surf fit.

Used even two days a week your surf fitness will really gain momentum, enabling you to cruise through those long paddles when you hit the water.

Surf expertise in one DVD

The DVD is packed with all the instructions you need to get you going, as well as sessions to boost both your surfing and fitness.

Included is guidance on popping up, from beginner level right through to getting into barrelling waves. Also included are a whole range of exercises that you can use with your Rock Solid to get you surf fit and keep you surf fit.

Wax shield protects your clothes

The durable wax shield keeps your surfboard wax off you and your shirt and helps you align your surfboard with the balance domes perfectly every time.

Surf progression just got easier

The Rock Solid package is built to the highest standards and is literally guaranteed to improve your surfing or fitness.

Rock Solid package

Includes the Rock Solid Balance Domes, Paddle Booster, Wax Shield and DVD.


You won't believe your improvment

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